project #1

While we’re waiting for our new (90s) house to close I can’t help myself and have a list of projects to take over to the new place.    We had a couple of nice sunny weeks a few weeks back (which let’s face it, rare for an Oregon spring) and my Mom and I found ourselves wandering around nurseries (also a Mother’s day tradition).  Pallet projects are all over Pinterest (speaking of – follow me on Pinterest here) and I saw this one in a magazine (Ladies Home Journal I think) and I was inspired.

I started with half a pallet (cut down the middle vertically and patched on the side – thanks Les!), then used some regular old garden fabric to close up the back (I sandwiched a layer of the plastic grid in between two layers of the fabric).   All I needed was a nice staple gun to hold it all together.  You’ll see below that next I cut squares of the plastic grid to cover the front openings.

Next I laid out the plants where I wanted them to go and cut little openings with a box knife and slid them in.  I let the whole thing lay on it’s back for a couple of weeks so everything was nice and settled.  Last week I propped it up against a post and it’s doing wonderfully.  I can’t wait to get it to the new place so it can find it’s home.  It’s going to be so fun when it’s all filled in and thick!  Yay for the first house project done!

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