little things

We’ve been doing little (but important) things around here lately.  These little chalkboard labels are so fun (and a hint to what’s happening on the other side of the room).  I found them at Staples – Martha Stewart’s line, of course.  And Zac has been busy changing out the old brassy door handles and hinges – don’t they look so much nicer?!?!

Oh – and we got a fancy toilet.  The old one in the master bath worked fine, except it felt like it belonged at a pre-school.  A little small – especially for my tall husband.  So we found this one at Costco (actually, Zac and the boys found it one Saturday while I was shooting a wedding) and it was one of the first things replaced in the house.  Shows you where it was on Zac’s priority list – haha.  It’s nice and tall and we love the two flush options . . . I feel like I’m venturing into TMI so I’m done talking about the toilet now.


raspberry cake

It’s so good you guys!!!  I saw the recipe in Sunset Magazine July 2012 – it looked so good and I knew that Zac wanted to go pick berries (randomly one of his favorite summer traditions – something about the harvest and working for your food).  So we had fresh raspberries (picked at Willamette Valley Fruit Co.), in fact we had 30 lbs. of blueberries and raspberries!  We freeze most of them individually on cookie sheets then bag them in gallon bags to munch on all summer (the intention is we munch on them all year, but they don’t ever last as long as we think they will).  Anyhow – back to the cake . . . have I mentioned it was good?  I even forgot the last step to dust it with powdered sugar – which makes everything better – but it was still sooooooo good.  Even super yummy a few days later.  Keeper.

I have to admit I’m definitely no baker – everything (which isn’t much) I learned from my friend Sarah who is amazing!!  SERIOUSLY.  AMAZING.

Thanks Sarah for being my baking inspiration!