little things

We’ve been doing little (but important) things around here lately.  These little chalkboard labels are so fun (and a hint to what’s happening on the other side of the room).  I found them at Staples – Martha Stewart’s line, of course.  And Zac has been busy changing out the old brassy door handles and hinges – don’t they look so much nicer?!?!

Oh – and we got a fancy toilet.  The old one in the master bath worked fine, except it felt like it belonged at a pre-school.  A little small – especially for my tall husband.  So we found this one at Costco (actually, Zac and the boys found it one Saturday while I was shooting a wedding) and it was one of the first things replaced in the house.  Shows you where it was on Zac’s priority list – haha.  It’s nice and tall and we love the two flush options . . . I feel like I’m venturing into TMI so I’m done talking about the toilet now.

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