room reveal: Logan’s bedroom

We put together a pretty fun surprise for the boys the other weekend.  They stayed the night at Nana’s and we got to work painting, putting beds together and generally overhauling their rooms.  Let me back up . . . when we moved in we threw their mattresses on the floor, toys in the room and clothes in the closet and let it be for a bit.  Here’s the before (and yes, we used moving boxes to block the morning sunlight – don’t judge):

So we started by painting Logan’s room a soft grey (you’ll see the color again in future posts).  I knew a while back when dreaming about his room that I wanted horizontal grey stripes for the window panels – only problem is that I had a hard time finding fabric that wasn’t crazy expensive.  I ended up finding a duvet cover at Target that was perfect – so this is simply a queen size cut in half and sewed up to fit.  The bonus is that it had a couple of pillowcases to match.

I love how the lamp’s pull is a whistle – and the base is a bat – so Logan.  And we had to give Yoda a little blog love too.

We did something fun with chalkboard paint in another room (it’ll make it’s appearance soon) so I was excited for Logan’s little square.  Zac thought up a super great way to keep those paint lines perfect a few years ago – we taped it off and then painted over the inside edge with the same grey wall paint and let that dry.  That way the grey paint fills into any holes under the tape.  Then we painted three coats of the blue chalkboard paint.  I wasn’t super excited about the color at first, I had pictured it more light blue . . . but after we got some chalk rubbed in it’s much better and growing on me.

The boy had requested a desk, only problem is that there was definitely not room for a traditional one in his little 9×9 room.  My Mom and I found this one at Ikea, it mounts perfectly to the wall between the door to his room and the closet.  And we love how it folds down when not in use.  Those little bins for markers and whatnot come from Ikea as well – perfect for the space.

And finally we can always count on Zac to make things more efficient – so he added a shelf and lowered the hanging rod in Logan’s closet so that he can reach his clothes without a step-stool.

Let’s look at the before and after one last time . . .

Stay tuned for Josiah’s room reveal!

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