blueberry muffins


A litte one, who’s not so little anymore, crawled into bed with us this morning at 6:30.  The sun was bright and the birds were singing squaking and I knew falling back to sleep wasn’t in my future.  It was hot yesterday, like 102 degrees hot.  We normally enjoy perfect summer days in the 80s, but this weekend Oregon decided to skip the 90s all together and shoot to 100 – crazy.  So all the doors and windows were open and so I figured I could have the oven on for 20 or so minutes and it would still cool off enough to make the most delicious blueberry muffins ever!

Our family loves to pick blueberries.  A lot.  I think we’re at 50 or 60 pounds so far this year.  Mostly we freeze them individually on cookie sheets and then bag them for frozen treats and use them in pancakes throughout the year.  But don’t blueberry muffins sound awesome?  I thought so too.

My new favorite spot for recipes is Mel’s Kitchen Cafe . . . and I was so excited when I found her recipe for the best blueberry muffins.   So good!!


3 thoughts on “blueberry muffins

    • They’re expensive here too in the store, but luckily we have a couple great u-pick farms that are priced great. We pick them in the summer to stock up because even the frozen ones at the grocery store are expensive – wish I could ship some to you 🙂

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