room reveal: Josiah’s bedroom


We actually had this room 99% finished back in July.  I just had one thing to add before I took the photos of it.  Anyhow, we tackled both of the boys rooms at the same time, check this out.  Josiah’s room is so fun – he loves maps so off we went.  Here’s the before:

And the fun afters . . . the desk was my great-grandma’s.  My Mom gave it to Josiah and it is a sweet reminder of his great-grandma who had it last.  He loves it and spends tons of time re-organizing it.  Besides that, the dresser and one cube of shelves everything else is new.  The walls are a green that we pulled from the huge map – yay for an awesome Ikea statement piece.  We left the bunk unfinished because the wood tones are in the map too.

I love how Ikea has all those inspiration room sets when you first walk through – thanks for the great idea to put a couple of magnetic boards behind the map!  Josiah loves that it doubles as a place to display whatever he wants.  He sleeps on the bottom right now and uses the top bunk as a little reading nook.  We’re thinking eventually of taking the bottom bunk out and making a little fort down there of some sort – we’ll see.

That ninja quote on the left (below) is soooo Josiah.  I saw it somewhere and knew it had to be in his room somehow.  I just made up a little deal in Photoshop and had it printed on a fabric wall cling (it made another appearance here).  Love it!

Josiah’s closet was another one that needed a little help to make it useful for him.  I’m so thankful for my super handy husband who added some shelves and lowered the rod for him.  So much more functional now (Zac’s is currently in the laundry room tending to another closet – I can just feel the functionality coming!).


fall mantel


I’m getting real close to finishing all my wedding edits from the summer – when that happens watch out, I’ll be posting like a crazy woman.  For now a quick update to the mantel for fall.  We’ve had the most amazing fall weather  – like crazy amazing for Oregon.  Sun since the 5th of July.  I love it!  But rain is in the forecast so we’re kinda excited to actually have a fire – we haven’t had a fireplace that worked in our house in about 10 years.  Anyhow, back to the mantel . . . a few gourds (a baseball placed by Josiah) was a good start.  You know that little $1 section when you first walk into Target?  There was a little pack of cute fall cut-outs – punched some holes and hung them up with some string – $1 fun 🙂

surprise party

We had a little surprise party for Josiah last week . . . mostly making up for the fact that we’re bad parents.  Let me back up.  He actually turned 7 back in April, but life was crazy.  Really crazy.  We were in the process of buying the house and didn’t really have a home base to start from.  We had a little family party, but he never got to celebrate with his friends.  So a surprise party was in order.  He was definitely surprised so it was super fun!  We didn’t tell Logan until a few hours before (after my Mom had picked up Josiah for a special afternoon) and he was such a great helper getting things pulled together.

We thought a movie night in the backyard would be super fun.  We had a little BBQ first then sent the Dads and kids up the the park to run around and get their energy out then back down for the movie.  Gotta have a tray of movie candy to watch a movie right?

It’s amazing how a plate full of cupcakes and cookies will attract kids like bees to a hot dog.


I found a tutorial on how to make the movie sign here . . . it didn’t take forever, but wasn’t the quickest project ever.  But it was worth it – loved how it turned out!


Zac made four different kids of popcorn too – they were so yummy!

Josiah was surprised, the food was eaten and the kids had a great time so we’ll call it a success!

room reveal: entry


The entry is definitely a work in progress, but it’s done for now so I can turn my attentions to another room so I thought I’d share it.  Let’s start back at the beginning . . .




It was the first room we painted – probably because it seemed small and easy at the time.  The rug below was in the entry of our last house but it didn’t seem to fit here, a little too busy for me.




So I tried it with no rug, but I really like the idea of something catching dirt when we walk through the door.  Then I just turned that old run over . . . but it was just a little too blah.



At one point we had a little black and white striped rug in here – it didn’t last long because it was way too small, but I did kinda like how it looked.  So I thought I’d just paint the rug – easy enough right?



First I tried white spray paint – not so much.  Then I found some leftover paint in the garage.  First coat wasn’t quite enough . . . but the second coat helped a bit.  Then I just taped off some stripes and spray painted the black stripes (the spray paint worked this time).  It’s definitely not perfect – and it’s still pretty rough underfoot, but I’m hoping over time as it gets some traffic it will soften up and wear down a bit.  Time will tell.



But my favorite part of the room is this little baby.  It’s a fabric wall cling and looks so fun on the wall.  I used the Instagram Collage Template from Design Aglow – they have such great photo templates, love them!  I have so many fun photos on my phone (and love Instagram – follow me @jenny192710) that don’t usually get off my phone, so this was a fun way to display my favorite ones.  I love the wall cling too because you can reposition it, so it’s perfect for my indecisiveness and how often I like to switch things up.


blueberry muffins


A litte one, who’s not so little anymore, crawled into bed with us this morning at 6:30.  The sun was bright and the birds were singing squaking and I knew falling back to sleep wasn’t in my future.  It was hot yesterday, like 102 degrees hot.  We normally enjoy perfect summer days in the 80s, but this weekend Oregon decided to skip the 90s all together and shoot to 100 – crazy.  So all the doors and windows were open and so I figured I could have the oven on for 20 or so minutes and it would still cool off enough to make the most delicious blueberry muffins ever!

Our family loves to pick blueberries.  A lot.  I think we’re at 50 or 60 pounds so far this year.  Mostly we freeze them individually on cookie sheets and then bag them for frozen treats and use them in pancakes throughout the year.  But don’t blueberry muffins sound awesome?  I thought so too.

My new favorite spot for recipes is Mel’s Kitchen Cafe . . . and I was so excited when I found her recipe for the best blueberry muffins.   So good!!