We found the snow last weekend over the Santiam Pass – it was awesome.

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Christmas 2012


Just a little tour around our house this Christmas – enjoy!

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We may or may not have six trees in this house . . . the main one in the front family room, another two in the back family room, one in the entry, a little one on a table and each of the boys wanted a tree in their room for all of their special ornaments.

2012-12-29_0007 2012-12-29_0008 2012-12-29_0009 2012-12-29_0010 2012-12-29_0011 2012-12-29_0012

And just this morning switched our Christmas chalkboard wall to welcome in the New Year.


room reveal: Josiah’s bedroom


We actually had this room 99% finished back in July.  I just had one thing to add before I took the photos of it.  Anyhow, we tackled both of the boys rooms at the same time, check this out.  Josiah’s room is so fun – he loves maps so off we went.  Here’s the before:

And the fun afters . . . the desk was my great-grandma’s.  My Mom gave it to Josiah and it is a sweet reminder of his great-grandma who had it last.  He loves it and spends tons of time re-organizing it.  Besides that, the dresser and one cube of shelves everything else is new.  The walls are a green that we pulled from the huge map – yay for an awesome Ikea statement piece.  We left the bunk unfinished because the wood tones are in the map too.

I love how Ikea has all those inspiration room sets when you first walk through – thanks for the great idea to put a couple of magnetic boards behind the map!  Josiah loves that it doubles as a place to display whatever he wants.  He sleeps on the bottom right now and uses the top bunk as a little reading nook.  We’re thinking eventually of taking the bottom bunk out and making a little fort down there of some sort – we’ll see.

That ninja quote on the left (below) is soooo Josiah.  I saw it somewhere and knew it had to be in his room somehow.  I just made up a little deal in Photoshop and had it printed on a fabric wall cling (it made another appearance here).  Love it!

Josiah’s closet was another one that needed a little help to make it useful for him.  I’m so thankful for my super handy husband who added some shelves and lowered the rod for him.  So much more functional now (Zac’s is currently in the laundry room tending to another closet – I can just feel the functionality coming!).

surprise party

We had a little surprise party for Josiah last week . . . mostly making up for the fact that we’re bad parents.  Let me back up.  He actually turned 7 back in April, but life was crazy.  Really crazy.  We were in the process of buying the house and didn’t really have a home base to start from.  We had a little family party, but he never got to celebrate with his friends.  So a surprise party was in order.  He was definitely surprised so it was super fun!  We didn’t tell Logan until a few hours before (after my Mom had picked up Josiah for a special afternoon) and he was such a great helper getting things pulled together.

We thought a movie night in the backyard would be super fun.  We had a little BBQ first then sent the Dads and kids up the the park to run around and get their energy out then back down for the movie.  Gotta have a tray of movie candy to watch a movie right?

It’s amazing how a plate full of cupcakes and cookies will attract kids like bees to a hot dog.


I found a tutorial on how to make the movie sign here . . . it didn’t take forever, but wasn’t the quickest project ever.  But it was worth it – loved how it turned out!


Zac made four different kids of popcorn too – they were so yummy!

Josiah was surprised, the food was eaten and the kids had a great time so we’ll call it a success!


While we’re STILL waiting for the house to close (you could say I’m frustrated today – translation, instead of moving, Zac and the boys are playing video games and I’m enjoying a margarita while writing this) I thought I’d share a bit of what our family has been up to over the last few months.  Can you believe these fun snowy photos are from the first day of spring?!?  Crazy huh?  And you can tell that we don’t get too much snow here in the Willamette Valley in Oregon – jeans in the snow – didn’t work out so well for us.

Please tell me you love Josiah in the photo on the right below – so him!

We spent a lot of time at the ball field this spring – one little t-ball player and the best brother cheering him on!

Had to get a shot of the best husband in there . . .

And a little sneak peek of what will be in the backyard eventually – so excited for this asian pear tree!  Look at those little babies – someday they’re going to be grown up!