surprise party

We had a little surprise party for Josiah last week . . . mostly making up for the fact that we’re bad parents.  Let me back up.  He actually turned 7 back in April, but life was crazy.  Really crazy.  We were in the process of buying the house and didn’t really have a home base to start from.  We had a little family party, but he never got to celebrate with his friends.  So a surprise party was in order.  He was definitely surprised so it was super fun!  We didn’t tell Logan until a few hours before (after my Mom had picked up Josiah for a special afternoon) and he was such a great helper getting things pulled together.

We thought a movie night in the backyard would be super fun.  We had a little BBQ first then sent the Dads and kids up the the park to run around and get their energy out then back down for the movie.  Gotta have a tray of movie candy to watch a movie right?

It’s amazing how a plate full of cupcakes and cookies will attract kids like bees to a hot dog.


I found a tutorial on how to make the movie sign here . . . it didn’t take forever, but wasn’t the quickest project ever.  But it was worth it – loved how it turned out!


Zac made four different kids of popcorn too – they were so yummy!

Josiah was surprised, the food was eaten and the kids had a great time so we’ll call it a success!